Most asked questions about NodeVPN and VPNs in general.

Common VPN Questions

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a tool to enhance privacy and security online. It works by heavily encrypting your data whilst also providing a bridge, commonly known as a VPN gateway, between you and the rest of the world. This keeps your unique IP address location information private whilst interacting with the rest of the internet.

What can I use a VPN for?

A VPN can and should be used for many things. Different people have different needs but common uses are to hide your real IP address to browse and use apps for security and with additional privacy. This protects you from a number of digital and real life threats, ranging from stopping hackers from infiltrating your devices, to keeping financial data private when you shop online. However, there are numerous other use-cases. Please visit our HOW TO USE VPN section for more examples.

What services can I access with NodeVPN?

There is currently no limitations on what you can access with NodeVPN. Due to the way our protocol masks your traffic as a regular user, services are unable to identify or block NodeVPN users.You can access all your favourite streaming services and social media platforms and new sites, or play your favourite game. And by changing your location, you will have access to an even greater choice of content.

Will a VPN slow my internet connection?

No. A good VPN gateway that is both close to you geographically and hosted at major internet hubs should not cause any noticeable difference in speed or functionality. However, if you are choosing gateways in some far off distant land, and they are not hosted at major international datacenters, then you should expect some noticeable reduction in speed. Also, gateways can only serve an amount of traffic within it’s limitations. At NodeVPN we only use the fastest major international hubs and never overload our infrastructure, scaling where required as our userbase increases in each region.

NodeVPN Subscriptions

How much does NodeVPN cost?

Please choose from the range of available subscription plans. Users can choose to pay monthly, or receive a lower price by committing to a longer subscription period.

Is NodeVPN free?

We do not currently have any free products. However all subscriptions come with a 14 day free trial period for you to assess our product before committing to a purchase.

How does the 14-day trial work?

New users are billed on the 15th day after their subscription. Simply cancel you plan before then to avoid being charged.

What do I get with my subscription?

Full access to all our servers, unlimited devices and a 14 day free trial period. You also get access to our support ticket system and advisors.

How can I pay for my subscription?

We currently accept credit/debit cards, but plan to introduce cryptocurrencies and other popular payment methods shortly.

Why is NodeVPN better than a free VPN?

It simply is not possible to provide a quality service unless there is some kind of revenue stream. Free VPNs often beg the question about how they are paying for their network costs. Often that means they are either harvesting and reselling the very data you are trying to protect, or at the least have some other flaw such as advertising. Quality of service is also often left wanting, and speed/functionality impacted. NodeVPN offers true privacy without any sacrifice on the quality of your internet experience.

Will I be notified if my NodeVPN subscription is suspended or terminated?

Yes, you will receive an email sent to the address provided when you registered.

Do you accept pre-paid credit cards?


How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to your account, navigate to MY SUBSCRIPTIONS area, and click CANCEL

What gateways locations do you offer?

We currently have servers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and USA. For a full list of locations, visit nodevpn.com/locations

What is a VPN gateway?

A VPN gateway is the server through which you connect when using a VPN. It’s what encrypts your traffic and provides a barrier between you and the rest of the world., as well as what enables you to choose your virtual location.

About NodeVPN

How many devices can I connect to my NodeVPN account simultaneously?

We are one of the few VPN companies who do not restrict users to a maximum number of devices.

What devices and operating systems are supported by NodeVPN?

NodeVPN has an app for Android only at this time and we will be releasing apps for iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux soon. We also have plans to introduce commercial products for teams and organisations.

Do you store any logs?

We do not store any traffic logs. Any log files created by servers are immediately and securely scrubbed from disks and checked continuously throughout the day for new logs. However, even if a logfile was to exist, due to our blockchain based certificate authentication, there is no connection between your billing account and any usage of the network. We also have a system in place so that if any requests from government agencies for any private keys, we can’t expose any single customer without exposing all our customers. VPN companies are entitled to damages relative to the number of users that we are forced to lose as a result of such requests. So this makes it very costly, and entirely useless for any forementioned agency to do.

What makes you a green VPN?

We only use major hub datacenters that are 100% powered by fully sustainable sources. We also have plans to introduce the ability to optionally offset carbon emissions for traffic both to and beyond our gateways. So in addition to using a green VPN, you won’t have to worry about carbon emissions from any other services you use while connected. Find out more at nodevpn.com/greenvpn

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, details of our referral program can be found here at nodevpn.com/referrals

Why should I choose NodeVPN over other VPN providers?

With our proprietary blockchain based certification authentication, there is no connection between you are your billing data. So nobody, not even us, has access to your data. We can not log it. We can not share it. We can not resell it. Privacy is hard-coded directly in to our solution. With an exciting roadmap ahead for future features, you can be assured that you will be using a solution that aims to redefine VPNs. Long story short, we are removing the need to have to trust anyone when connecting to the internet.

What are NodeVPN's Terms of Service?

Please visit nodevpn.com/terms for details.

Using NodeVPN

Are there any bandwidth limitations with NodeVPN?

Currently not, but certain extreme bandwidth and illegal activities are against our terms and conditions.

Can my ISP see that I am using a VPN or block it?

Not with NodeVPN. Our protocol adds a layer that makes you appear as standard encrypted internet traffic. In fact, it’s so good it won’t register as “protected” on any VPN detection or connection checker.

Will I get a different IP every time?

No. If you stick to the same gateway location, the IP will remain the same. We do change our IPs occasionally if necessary, but from day to day they will remain the same.

How can I check my connection?

The best way to check your connection, is always to use watch your IP address change. You can simply do this by Googling “What is my IP?” before and after you connect. If you connected successfully, you will see your IP address change from your real IP to the IP of the gateway you connected to. This should match the IP specified in the app. Do not use third party VPN connection checking tools, as even ours is incapable of detecting our protocol. So they will all just say “You are not protected” when you are actually connected successfully.

Live Chat & Technical Support

How can I contact NodeVPN Support

You can either use the live chat support feature or login to your account on our website to submit a ticket to our dedicated support team.

Technical FAQs

What VPN protocol do you use?

We use OpenConnect with TLS/SSL. We carefully selected this protocol and built upon it to mask all connections as standard HTTPS traffic (much like when you use an online checkout), which results in a service that is much harder to identify as VPN traffic, or block it at the firewall level. This means it simply works everywhere. No need to switch between complicated protocols and addition layers of security. NodeVPN just works.

Are my DNS lookups secure?

Yes, each of our VPN gateways is also a DNS server. Your lookups are always forced through our DNS servers, so they are never handled (or leaked) to your ISP or other DNS services.

Blockchain FAQs

Why do you have a blockchain?

Our blockchain is what separates you from your billing data.

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