Zero Logs VPN - NodeVPN Logging Policy

NodeVPN operations are proud to declare our no logging policy. That’s zero logs of your online activities.

This includes your IP address, connection timestamp data, usage data or gateways used, the websites and services you interact with, your device, operating system or browser data, and the files or content you download.

Our gateways are designed to never collect information about traffic as it happens. So there is no need to delete any records, as they never existed in the first place. Even if our servers were physically removed, they would contain no trace of history about our users.

Buy VPN with Cryptocurrency

We provide a cryptocurrency payment gateway for users that do not want to be connected to their billing data. Most major coins are accepted. 
However, as we maintain a strict zero logging policy, there is nothing to associate with your billing data anyway. 

No leaked VPN logs

We take extra measures to prevent any damage to user privacy. Our gateways are also DNS servers, so your devices don’t have to ask your ISP which websites are where. We do it for you. And no other data leaks are possible either. Our cybersec team is constantly monitoring for new dangers. 

Isle of Man based VPN.

Before incorporating NodeVPN LTD in the Isle of Man, we conducted a legal study to ensure that we were choosing the best possible location for our users from which to run our operations. Away from the control of surveillance states, we are free to provide the service without the need for divulging any user data.


We will never collect, store, sell, or share your data in any way. Our jurisdiction does not require this, and neither does our business model. We care greatly about your privacy. NodeVPN is the zero logs VPN you can trust, and once subscribed you will instantly have a secure, private, green internet


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