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Redefining VPNs...

NodeVPN is the revolutionary privacy and security solution for your devices. Where privacy is of the utmost importance, NodeVPN is the premium VPN of choice.

Anonymous, fast and secure

‘No Trust Required’ Authentication

Our unique blockchain based authentication separates any connection between your billing information and your traffic data.

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Unique Protocol

Masks your traffic as standard non-VPN traffic, making it harder to filter out or block.

Easy To Use Interface

Our apps are so simple, anyone can use them. Choose your desired location and click connect!

Unlimited Devices

We are the only VPN company who do not restrict users to a maximum number of devices.

The Green VPN

Your gateways are green! NodeVPN is 200% carbon negative. With options at checkout to extend this to the rest of your internet.


What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a tool to enhance privacy and security online. It works by heavily encrypting your data whilst also providing a bridge, commonly known as a VPN gateway, between you and the rest of the world. This keeps your unique IP address location information private whilst interacting with the rest of the internet.

What can I use a VPN for?

A VPN can and should be used for many things. Different people have different needs but common uses are to hide your real IP address to browse and use apps for security and with additional privacy. This protects you from a number of digital and real life threats, ranging from stopping hackers from infiltrating your devices, to keeping financial data private when you shop online. However, there are numerous other use-cases. Please visit our HOW TO USE VPN section for more examples.

Will a VPN slow my internet connection?

No. A good VPN gateway that is both close to you geographically and hosted at major internet hubs should not cause any noticeable difference in speed or functionality. However, if you are choosing gateways in some far off distant land, and they are not hosted at major international datacenters, then you should expect some noticeable reduction in speed. Also, gateways can only serve an amount of traffic within it’s limitations. At NodeVPN we only use the fastest major international hubs and never overload our infrastructure, scaling where required as our userbase increases in each region.

How many devices can I connect to my NodeVPN account simultaneously?

Currently, we are one of the few VPN companies that does not limit the number of devices you can connect to your account.

What makes you a green VPN?

We only use major hub datacenters that are 100% powered by fully sustainable sources. We also have plans to introduce the ability to optionally offset carbon emissions for traffic both to and beyond our gateways. So in addition to using a green VPN, you won’t have to worry about carbon emissions from any other services you use while connected.

Why should I choose NodeVPN over other VPN providers?

With our proprietary blockchain based certification authentication, there is no connection between you are your billing data. So nobody, not even us, has access to your data. We can not log it. We can not share it. We can not resell it. Privacy is hard-coded directly in to our solution. With an exciting roadmap ahead for future features, you can be assured that you will be using a solution that aims to redefine VPNs. Long story short, we are removing the need to have to trust anyone when connecting to the internet.

Free 14 day trial with every subscription

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