About NodeVPN: Safe, Secure & Sustainable

Our Core Team

NodeVPN consists of a handful of privacy enthusiasts, developers and professionals who think the internet deserves better. 

Adam Cowles
CEO & Founder

Jared Wells
COO & Co-founder

Sandirose Magder

Arun Pariyar
Head of Infrastructure

The Internet you deserve. Safe, Secure & Sustainable Internet with Green VPN

The internet was born to be free. Freedom of information. Freedom of expression. Freedom to connect, communicate, and learn. But for many, the internet has become increasingly surveilled, monitored, and censored. Users are hacked, tracked, traced, analysed and retargeted. In some countries, the internet has just become another system of control and another source of environmental damage.

With NodeVPN your freedom is installed as standard.
With NodeVPN, your carbon emissions are always offset.

With NodeVPN, you can browse, chat, upload, download, stream, trade free from fear of your data being used against you in any way. And you can feel great about how every time you use the internet, you are actually helping organisations around the world that work for the benefit of the environment, to slow down and reverse climate change, and to even clean plastic from the oceans.

Our team care greatly about these issues. We are 100% committed to your online safety, privacy, and security as well as our shared environment.

If you would like to speak to one of our team please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries about our company and services.

NodeVPN LTD is based in the Isle of Man. We never disclose information about our customers. We have a zero logging policy. We will never share or sell your data for profits or any other reason. NodeVPN is a VPN you can trust!

NodeVPN is about the privacy, security and sustainability of our internet.

Embracing the Green Internet Revolution: The Story Behind “Node”

Welcome to NodeVPN, where we stand at the forefront of a green internet revolution. Ever wonder why we chose the name “Node” for our VPN service? Let us take you on a journey behind the meaning and significance of our name.

In the world of networking, “nodes” are essential points that enable the smooth flow of data within a network. Just like these nodes, we envision ourselves as crucial components in shaping a better and sustainable digital future.

At NodeVPN, our commitment to environmental consciousness drives us to focus on green practices. We are proud to introduce the concept of “green nodes” – localised, energy-efficient gateways that form the backbone of our service. These green nodes are strategically situated at sustainably powered data centres to minimise environmental impact while delivering an exceptional VPN experience.

When you connect to NodeVPN, you become part of the green internet revolution. By embracing our service, you contribute to a more eco-friendly digital ecosystem. It’s like adopting sustainable practices that are locally sourced – but in this case, you become a “node” of the green movement, safeguarding the environment with each online interaction.


Step into the world of eco-friendly browsing with our green VPN. Just as a chameleon adapts its colors to blend with nature, we adapt our services to protect the environment. Embrace a sustainable online experience that leaves a lighter footprint, all while enjoying the flexibility and security our chameleon-inspired VPN offers. Together, let's change the online landscape for a greener tomorrow.

Have you got your node on?

Our tagline, “Have you got your node on?“, serves as a reminder of your active participation in this noble endeavor. By choosing NodeVPN, you empower yourself with the tools to protect your online privacy and security while being an agent of positive change for the planet.

As a team, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless and secure VPN experience that doesn’t compromise on environmental values. Our infrastructure is built to be environmentally conscious, and we continually seek innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

While our name reflects our present focus on green nodes and sustainability, it also symbolizes our commitment to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing digital landscape. We are driven by a passion for technological advancement, always exploring new possibilities to enhance your online journey.

Thank you for being part of the NodeVPN family and for supporting our mission to create a greener, safer, and more secure internet for all. Together, let’s shape a brighter digital future, one green node at a time.