Your Green Gateway to Internet Freedom

Experience a new era of safe, secure, and green internet with NodeVPN, the VPN with carbon offsetting service that combines top-notch privacy and security with a solution for green internet. We’re not just about protecting your online data; we’re about protecting the planet too.

What is VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a powerful tool that enhances your online privacy and security. It works by encrypting your data and providing a bridge, known as a VPN gateway, between you and the rest of the internet. This keeps your unique IP address and location information private while you interact with the internet, ensuring your online activities remain confidential.

What is Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is a practical and effective way to compensate for the carbon emissions we generate in our daily lives. By investing in projects that reduce, avoid, or remove greenhouse gas emissions, we can balance out our own carbon footprint, contributing to the global effort against climate change.

Why we combine VPN with Carbon Offsetting

At NodeVPN, we believe that using a VPN should be standard practice and that sustainable internet is everyone’s concern. By combining VPN with Carbon Offsetting, we address multiple challenges facing today’s internet in a single solution: Privacy, Security, Internet Freedom, and the environmental impact of our internet activity.

How do we calculate carbon offsetting

The internet’s 4.6 billion users generate 39.9 billion tonnes of CO2 annually, with 95% of this CO2 produced during the manufacturing process of devices used to connect to the internet. Excluding device manufacturing, internet activity generates 2 billion tonnes of CO2, equating to 0.4 tonnes per user per year or 0.03 tonnes per user per month. We offset 200% of this average which results in carbon negative internet.

Why we calculate carbon offsetting the way we do

During our development phase, we considered various approaches to calculating carbon emissions, including more personalised methods. However, due to numerous variables, it’s impossible to measure precise emissions. We decided to calculate carbon offsetting based on averages and then double them. We believe this is the best way to ensure that each user’s personal carbon emissions receive sufficient and significant contributions.

How we transact carbon offsetting

We selected our carbon credit provider based on the range and type of projects they support and their excellent features for incorruptible tracking of each carbon credit transaction. Each month, we calculate and record the total number of active subscriptions and instruct our partners to invoice us and offset accordingly.

The Projects & The Future

We are excited about what we have in plan for the future. We are in the process of expanding the carbon projects we support and have a range of features in development. We are developing ways to keep you informed with information about the projects we supported each month, and even looking to give users the choice over which projects they would like to support. All our carbon credit transactions will eventually be trackable by the user via blockchain. 

We look forward to bringing you exciting updates and more information about the projects in the near future.

By using NodeVPN, you’re not just protecting your online privacy and security; you’re also making a positive impact on the environment. Join us in the #GreenInternetRevolution today!

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