Safe, Secure, Sustainable Internet. The Green VPN with Carbon Offsetting included as standard.

Safe, Secure & Sustainable Internet

Welcome to NodeVPN, your gateway to a greener internet. We’re not just any VPN service; we’re a VPN with on a quest. Our mission is to provide a secure, private, and sustainable internet experience for all our users. We are the first VPN with carbon offsetting against your internet usage included in the price. And then we double it.

Carbon Offsetting: A Green VPN

We believe in a greener future, and we’re committed to making it happen. That’s why we offset 200% of the carbon emissions generated by the average internet user for every customer. With NodeVPN, there’s no need to calculate your own personal carbon footprint. We’ve got you covered, and it’s all included as standard.

Double? More affordable than your might think.

Investing in reforestation and other carbon sequestration projects is becoming more and more cost effective. We work with a carbon credit provider that enables us to go further, whilst remaining competitive in the marketplace. We also believe that the cumulative effect of doubling down on the damage caused by the internet has an accelerated result on the environment. 

Military Grade Encryption: A Private VPN with Carbon Offsets

At NodeVPN, we take your security seriously. We use military-grade encryption to protect your data and prevent services from spying on you. Our VPN with carbon offsets ensures that your internet use is not only green but also secure and private. In a world where so many entities want your data, we believe that a VPN should be standard for all internet users., much like you would install anti-virus software. And as such, VPNs can go further with what they offer and what they do for their users and the world.

Your User-friendly Interface to the Green Internet

Our interface is so simple that anyone can use it. Just choose your location and connect. It’s that easy. With NodeVPN, you can enjoy a green internet experience without any hassle.

Our Commitment to ESG

We’re not just about offsetting carbon emissions. We have a strict internal environmental policy and a strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. We believe in doing business in a way that benefits both our customers and the planet.

Stealthier Service: Sustainable Internet

Our service is stealthier than your average VPN. We use the OpenConnect protocol with TLS/SSL to encrypt and mask your traffic. This makes it harder to block, sniff, or track, ensuring that our apps work almost everywhere in most situations.

Be a part of the greenvpn revolution and get green internet.

Join the Green Internet Revolution

It’s time to join the #greeninternetrevolution. With NodeVPN, you can browse the internet securely while also doing your part for the environment. Don’t wait. Join us today and make your internet experience greener and safer.

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