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The app that will make your internet green… whilst simultaneously securing your data and devices.

At NodeVPN, our mission is to provide users with greatly enhanced privacy and security for their online activities to protect them from common cyber threats. But we do it differently. We believe that your premium VPN can go further, work better, whilst also making a positive impact on today’s and tomorrow’s environment.

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Go Green
Sustainable Internet!

In addition to providing you with security enhancements, NodeVPN will also make your internet green. Part of your subscription goes towards offsetting the carbon footprint that results from your internet usage. We take this one step further by offsetting double the estimated emissions resulting in users becoming carbon negative on their internet usage.

Users also have the option  to offset more than the standard 200% noted above.

Go Blue
Clean plastic from oceans!

But we don’t stop there. We also provide an upgrade option so that part of your subscription fee can be donated towards leading organisations working towards cleaning plastic from our oceans. Go green as standard. But you can also go blue for an extra $1 a month.

NodeVPN solves two problems at once. The internet is a scary place, but it’s also incredibly damaging in terms of carbon emissions. And with a continued growth in demand for internet services, a new approach is needed to bridge the gap between now and when all homes and datacentres everywhere are powered with sustainably sourced energy.

“We are committed to a set of initiatives as an integral part of our internal environmental policy. It’s time for a change. We need a safer, more sustainable internet.”

Secure Your Online World with Our Green VPN: Fast, Reliable, and Private

Green Energy VPN

What makes us the world’s best green VPN?

  • Green Energy Infrastructure
    We are the only green VPN to use data centres that are least 95% sustainably powered. And we are committed to increase this to 100% by 2025. Find out more.


  • Carbon Offsets Included
    We are the only green VPN to include 200% carbon offsets included in the price. Find out more.

  • Strict internal environmental policy
    We have a stringent internet environmental policy and commitment to ESG.  Find out more.

  • Supporting Environmental projects
    As we shift our operations from a free-beta into our premium service, we plan to donate to reforestation and ocean cleanup projects. 
What is a Green VPN?

What is a green VPN?

The digital age has brought about a myriad of benefits, from global connectivity to instant access to information. However, it has also led to a significant increase in energy consumption, contributing to environmental degradation. As we continue to rely heavily on the internet, it’s crucial to consider sustainable alternatives. One such solution is the use of a Green VPN, a step towards a greener internet revolution.

A Green VPN is a virtual private network that should operate on renewable energy sources, minimising its carbon footprint. It provides the same security, privacy, and access benefits as a traditional VPN, but with the added advantage of being environmentally friendly. By choosing a Green VPN, you’re not only protecting your online privacy but also contributing to a sustainable future.

The Green Internet Revolution is a movement that encourages the use of environmentally friendly technologies in the digital world. It’s about making conscious choices that reduce our digital carbon footprint. Using a Green VPN is a significant step in this direction. It’s a commitment to a sustainable future, where digital convenience doesn’t come at the cost of our planet.

Green VPNs operate on servers powered by renewable energy sources like solar or wind power. This reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, contributing to the fight against global warming. Moreover, our Green VPN goes a step further by extending carbon offset for internet usage emissions to our users, further enhancing their positive environmental impact.

The Green VPN - Secure, Private, Green Internet

Why should we join the Green Internet Revolution? 

The answer is simple. Our digital activities have a significant environmental impact. Data centers, which store and transmit our data, consume vast amounts of energy. By choosing services like Green VPNs, we can help reduce this energy consumption.

Moreover, joining the Green Internet Revolution is not just about using a Green VPN. It’s about adopting a more sustainable digital lifestyle. This could mean using energy-efficient devices, reducing unnecessary data usage, or supporting companies that prioritize sustainability.

Our Green VPN is more than just a tool for online privacy. It’s a symbol of our commitment to a greener future. By choosing a Green VPN, we’re taking a stand against environmental degradation and starting a global movement towards sustainable digital practices. The Green Internet Revolution is here, and it’s time for us all to be a part of it. Let’s embrace the power of green technology and pave the way for a sustainable digital future.

Beyond Green VPN: How Eco-Warriors Reduce Online Carbon Footprint 

Welcome to the world of green internet! As our digital lives continue to expand, it’s essential to be mindful of the environmental impact of our online activities. By adopting energy-conscious habits, we can reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. In this article, we present 10 practical steps, ranging from simple to more advanced, to help you become an energy-conscious internet user. By following these recommendations, you can make a positive difference while enjoying the benefits of the digital world. Let’s dive in and explore how you can contribute to a greener internet!