The Green VPN - Secure, Private, Green Internet

The app that will make your internet green… whilst simultaneously securing your devices from online threats.

At NodeVPN, our mission is to provide users with greatly enhanced privacy and security for their online activities to protect them from common cyber threats. But we do it differently. We believe that your premium VPN can go further, work better, whilst also making a positive impact on today’s and tomorrow’s environment.

Go Green - Sustainable Internet!

In addition to providing you with security enhancements, NodeVPN will also make your internet green. Part of your subscription goes towards offsetting the carbon footprint that results from your internet usage. We take this one step further by offsetting double the estimated emissions resulting in users becoming carbon negative on their internet usage.

Users also have the option  to offset more than the standard 200% noted above.

Go Blue - Help clean plastic from the oceans!

But we don’t stop there. We also provide an upgrade option so that part of your subscription fee can be donated towards leading organisations working towards cleaning plastic from our oceans. Go green as standard. But you can also go blue for an extra $1 a month.

NodeVPN solves two problems at once. The internet is a scary place, but it’s also incredibly damaging in terms of carbon emissions. And with a continued growth in demand for internet services, a new approach is needed to bridge the gap between now and when all homes and datacentres everywhere are powered with sustainably sourced energy.

We are committed to the following environmental initiatives as an integral part of our internal environmental policyIt’s time for a change. We need a sustainable, secure Internet.